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Pregnant Woman by Birch

Women's Health

Fertility and Pregnancy Support: Welcome

Get a little help from nature for one of life's greatest gifts.

Getting pregnant can be an exciting and challenging time for many women. Maybe getting pregnant was the easy part for you, but the pregnancy is more difficult than you expected. Or maybe you have been trying to conceive for some time now, and despite medical interventions you and your partner have not been able to get or stay pregnant. Or maybe you are enjoying a healthy pregnancy and just want a little extra support now, during your labor, and afterwards. 

As a perinatal RN and an ND with a special interest in fertility and obstetrical care, I am well versed in the joys and challenges that women face from conception to the birth of their child, as well as both common medical and alternative perspectives and treatment options.

When helping a woman conceive, I utilize a full patient and partner health history, lab testing, and physical exams to explore possible complicating health concerns, nutritional imbalances, or other contributing factors. Treatment will focus on optimizing overall health, not just hormonal balance. This will be addressed through nutritional and lifestyle counseling, herbal supplementation, and acupuncture, which, through empirical evidence, has been found to be useful for treating fertility concerns. Acupuncture can be particularly helpful when combined with IUI and IVF and can be performed immediately before and after these procedures to increase their success.

I can support you throughout your pregnancy, labor, and postpartum period by:

  • Helping you optimize your nutritional state and thus the health of your baby!

  • Treat your pregnancy aches and pains 

  • Help prevent Group B Streptoccocus growth (a bacteria which leads to the use of antibiotics during your labor)

  • Educate you about coping techniques for pain, fatigue and emotions that arise during your labor

  • Teach you how to use herbs and homeopathics to help you during your labor, reduce your chances of bleeding complications afterwards, and shorten your postpartum recovery period

Fertility and Pregnancy Support: Treatments
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