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Mental Health

Mental Health: Welcome

Lift the fog, ease the panic and find some stability. 

Did you know that 90% of our serotonin can be found in the gut?! And there are actually more neurons in our digestive tract than our brain or spinal cord! This  demonstrates that in order to treat a mental health concern, the whole person must be addressed.

Consequently, when treating your mental health concerns, whether it be anxiety, depression, or an eating disorder, I will focus on investigating and optimizing your overall health. A full health history, physical exams, and possible lab testing may be used to discern whether there are health concerns, nutritional imbalances, or lifestyle factors interfering with your psychological well-being.

With knowledge of pharmaceuticals commonly used to treat psychiatric concerns and possible interactions between natural health products and these drugs, I can safely help you optimize the effect of your medications, work with your doctor if you choose to wean off of them, or help you find the right natural treatments if you choose to avoid medication all together. 

Mental Health: Treatments
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