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Pain Management

Pain Management: Welcome

Taking a comprehensive approach to treating your pain.

Pain is complex, whether it is acute or chronic, involving major or minor damage. Have you ever watched someone get hurt on TV and actually felt pain in your own body as a result? This simple example demonstrates the complicated mind body connection in the process of pain.

Pain does not only occur when there is real tissue damage, but also perceived damage and threat to ones well-being. As a result, pain is best treated with a focus on both actual damage that has occurred and the psychological perception of it. 

When addressing your pain, I will take a full patient history, perform physical exams, and I may order lab tests to discern whether there are underlying processes and inflammation preventing the body from healing on it's own. Treatment will involve physical medicine techniques such as gentle joint mobilizations, stretching, acupuncture, cupping, and tens, as well as herbal and nutritional supplementation, and dietary and lifestyle changes to decrease inflammation and prevent further aggravation.

Finally, mindful techniques may be incorporated to help you alter your experience of the pain and reduce the mental and emotional strain pain induces. In this way, both body and mind are acknowledged and soothed in the healing process. 

Pain Management: Treatments
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