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Women's Health

Women's Health: Welcome

Imagine pain free periods, clear skin, no hot flashes and a stable mood!

Do you struggle with painful periods? Hot flashes? Out of control PMS? Fibroids, PCOS or endometriosis? Fibrocystic breasts? Weight and acne that fluctuates throughout your cycle?  Want to come off the pill but not sure how your body will react? Do you have a family history of hormone related cancer and want to start taking a more preventative approach now? I can help!

Naturopathic medicine can rebalance your hormones gently but effectively. The process begins with a full health history, physical exam, and lab testing to investigate the precise imbalance and the impact of your concerns on your overall health. Next, any combination of herbal and nutritional supplementation, dietary and lifestyle changes, and acupuncture may be used to treat your individual needs, addressing your global hormone balance in the process.

Get back to feeling like yourself, feeling confident in your hormonal health, and proactive about preventing hormone related conditions with naturopathic medicine!

Women's Health: Treatments
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